Crysto provides a secure way to invest in cryptocurrency assets, and DeFi networks systematically trade on to over 300 cryptocurrencies on exchanges like Binance and Coinex.

We have created a cryptocurrency smart trading ecosystem to allow easy and care-free access to unique investments, make a financial return and do so sustainably and responsibly. It's the perfect investment for your alternatives.

We invest in fundamental infrastructure with a smart diversification strategy, a pre-determined exit strategy for the ultimate balance between risk and return.

Ecosysten is the place trading and investing. From leveraged products to share dealing, you can control everything from one account on our intuitive, cutting-edge platform. It’s the only platform you’ll ever need.


Strategy Testing and Analyzing

Test your strategy directly in the Strategy Designer or load it into our backtesting tool to see if your strategy generates good buy and/or sell signals. Testing your strategy is essential to ensure you will get signals and not lose any funds. You could always use paper trading to test your strategy without risking any funds. When you're confident that the strategy shows promise, feed it to your trading lighthouse by enabling the strategy in your bot(s) configuration.


Signal Finder

This tool helps you generate signals in markets based on strategies you've designed before or smart algorithms developed and tested by Crysto. It is your trading's lighthouse.


Smart Trading Bot

Crysto trading bots are automated intelligent bot that helps you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the correct time. The bot works with produced signals from the lighthouse that you configured before.


Bot & Assets Management

It's the back-office of your bots that helps you design and develop the strategies, apply the strategies into the lighthouse, and configure, run and manage the bots based on the strategies.



Our friends and the technologies we use in the ecosystem